It was my first occasion to capture a ceremony nestled amongst lush, ripened vines of grapes,
a winding creek, and pathways that direct visitors to beautiful views. Jon, by getting help every step of the way by his best bud, was prepping for his first look and the festivities of the day to get started. Those boys couldn’t have been more dapper than in those gray suits. The sporty cap and cufflinks were great finishing touches for these well-dressed men.

Although the date on the calendar and ripeness of grapes indicates that it’s close to fall, all else is trying to say otherwise. This particular Minnesota summer day provided a glorious afternoon with sunshine. The management of Chankaska Winery allowed for the use of their production area to take pictures of items which would be worn by the bride. Although it was neat a room filled full of wine bottles and barrels, they were truly only objects for me to highlight a remarkable dress suspended gracefully with shoes and jewelry. Jaci had anticipated wearing these items for quite some time and that time had arrived.

That beautiful, flowing gown was stunning against the green grasses which surrounded her and the bouquet of flowers for which she was holding.  And although beautifully primped, it was her unending smile and their obvious happiness that I saw in each picture I took. After walking down one of the paths for the always highly anticipated first look, it was the path that ultimately ended at the Chankaska Forest that made their day.

To see family and friends gathered to witness their nuptials being said meant everything to them.
After a short drive to The Country Inn and Suites, guests were welcomed into a wonderfully decorated area for their reception where dancing, laughter and celebrating would take them to the late hours of their wedding day. Because Jon is a DJ, here is to hoping he will forever remember “their” song, and always be playing “their” song for years to come.


WeddingAlice Fahey