Bekah + Adam | Mankato MN Engagement

Bekah and Adam… what a fun couple! Their bright personalities match their brightly-colored clothes, and the weather no doubt complemented them, too. Playing with sunlight is one of the best parts of evening photoshoots, and this time I had something extra to work with: water! I enjoyed experimenting with the sunlight bouncing off the water behind Bekah and Adam as they tried out different outfits and poses. I was able to capture close-up shots of their hands intertwined, of Bekah’s engagement ring, and of their smiles, while also experimenting with long distance shots that took in the surrounding scenery.

    This shoot took place at Sibley Park in Mankato, MN, where there’s no shortage of tall trees, soft grass, and beautiful sunsets to make engagement sessions like these a breeze. Bekah and Adam will officially say “I do” next June in Mankato, and I know their future is bright!



Alice Fahey