Weddings bring people together through a series of traditions: ceremony; food; photography; and, of course, music. So many different elements have to come together perfectly to make a couple’s special day just right. But what really sets one wedding apart from another is adding a personal touch. For Tina and Chris, that not only meant a short, intimate ceremony held among their closest family and friends, but it also meant strapping their guitars onto their backs, playing a few tunes, and incorporating the stringed instruments into their post-ceremony photoshoot.


Although it seemed to fly by, the day is one I’ll always remember. I crave natural lighting that highlights the bride and groom’s best features, and at Chris and Tina’s wedding, that’s exactly what I got. We spent our time laughing and listening to music while absorbing the beautiful scenery around us and soaking up that late summer sun. I jumped at the chance to incorporate the couple’s guitars in my photos, and look forward to photographing more weddings that add a similar personal touch in the future—it makes the day that much more unique.

Simple, sunny, and sweet—that’s how I would describe Chris and Tina’s special day.







WeddingAlice Fahey