It was a dreary, rainy day when I pulled up to The Landmark Center in St. Paul, Minnesota, where Kaylie and Tyler were preparing to say their vows. But despite gray skies and damp shoes, the show went on. Photographing this wedding within the historic Landmark Center was certainly the highlight of my day. Big windows flooded every room with natural light—a photographer’s dream. And just like the venue, the big reveal—when Tyler saw Kaylie dressed in her wedding gown for the first time—was one for the books. Just look at that smile on Tyler’s face!

I loved the simple color scheme of this wedding. The bride wore a beautiful, beaded gown coupled with a soft white bouquet. Tyler sported a nice gray tux with a white vest and tie for the occasion. Even with raindrops forming on the windows, the day was picture perfect. The props available to us were perfect, too. I was able to photograph Kaylie next to a historic grand piano, and captured the couple gazing into each other’s eyes from atop a grandiose staircase. All in all, it was a day to remember, and I hope Kaylie, Tyler, and all their friends and family will hold these photographs as near and dear to their hearts as I do.





WeddingAlice Fahey