As summer’s heat had cast upon us on a Saturday afternoon in June, Brittanee and Luke, surrounded by their many friends and family, proclaimed their love for one another at SAINT ANNE’S CHURCH in Le Sueur.

As the two were becoming as one….

Being next to the love of your life, hand in hand, and reciting nuptials was no longer a dream but a reality for Brittanee and Luke. By their gazes towards each other, it was obvious how ready they were to truly become one. Brittanee wore a gown which was made of an elegant lace that was flowing as graceful as she. With Luke by her side in his light gray suit, they were certainly impressive standing next to each other. The camera-in-hand could snap away at these two beautiful people and I knew

I was capturing moments to treasure for years to come. The beautiful color or royal blue worn by the wedding party went very well with the bright and sunny colors of the day; and, their bouquets and boutonnieres with sunflowers could not have matched more perfectly.

The bubbles are blown for them while leaving the church lead to lots of bubbly laughter throughout the reception at the beautifully decorated Event Center at MARRIOTT COURTYARD IN MANKATO.

After a tasty meal and lots of dancing to a DJ, I couldn’t help but be distracted by the many choices of cupcakes that were being offered.



WeddingAlice Fahey