With travels between California and Minnesota, these two have been racking up plenty of frequent flyer miles. Mostly because this beautiful woman (whom I have known for a very long time and love dearly) had found her Mr. to her Mrs. Nick and Sarah are a larger than life couple.
I’ve been especially drawn to them because of their eagerness to be welcoming and show their caring spirits; and, love to observe their intriguingly obvious complement they have to each others life.

After parents meeting parents and a few occasions in between, the enthusiastically awaited question was ultimately asked. I believe it was without hesitation, He said “Yes”! Or maybe, it was She? In any regard, the anticipation (of all on-lookers) was finally over. The planning phase could now officially commence.

With glorious backyards to work with, these two were on center stage to display the Joy of their engagement and upcoming nuptials. Even an abandoned home made for a great setting for some exceptional pictures; however, of them all, the pictures under the Maple tree may someday have the most meaning. Planted 30-years ago in honor of Sarah’s birth, this tree has continued to grow large; and, as stated previously, Sarah has grown into a woman who (in my mind) will always be larger than life.

We look forward to the wedding in California where there is not a chance of mosquito’s out lasting us!

EngagementAlice Fahey