Blogging this engagement session should be easy…. But it’s hard to elaborate because this is a long-time high school friend readying to marry a beautiful woman.

We are at a perfect setting to take these pictures of two, very fun people. What I want most is to capture their personality while at his family farm that has plenty of charm and character.
How fitting it is that those two words describe Scott too! This 6’9” man standing and posing in front of buildings that have been a part of his family for generations. Scott will soon be sharing his life and this home place with Jen (who is pretty tall herself). Today they are sharing their joy of their engagement in front of a camera and buildings that have withstood the test of time. The love they have for each other will also endure. The crops in these photos show a year of production has passed. We know that Life is all about reaping and sewing……

At Harvest time during 2016, wedding bells for Scott and Jen will be ringing.

EngagementAlice Fahey